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Stairs to Success

The 10th open nationwide economic fair Stairs to Success took place on in Minsk Palace of Youth on April 6-8, 2003.
The organizers of the fair were Minsk Department of Education, Minsk Palace of Youth, NGO The Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Center (YESDC).
To judge the contests of the fair were invited the professors and instructors of Belarusian State University, European Humanitarian University, Institute of Management and Business. Methodical and expert support to the festival is provided by National Council on Economic Education USA, Mission of United Nations in Belarus, the International Financial Corporation.
This year in the fair 26 teams, which represented 6 Belarusian regions, have taken part – this was the biggest number of teams in the ten-year history of the festival.

The purpose of festival is promotion of economic and entrepreneurship education of youth, approbation and introduction of new techniques of teaching Economics and Entrepreneurship, an exchange of ideas and experience, attraction of attention of Belarusian businesses and educational authorities to the issues of development of economic education in Belarus.

The program of the economics festival "Stairs to Success’2003 " was, as always, extensive and various. In the first day the participants competed in two contests "Economic Auction" and "Competition". It was an original limbering up before the main events of the festival, which were held within Days 2 and 3 of the fair. On April, 7, the central marble hall of the Minsk Palace of Youth has turned to the floor of "Fair of youth business - projects". It was a very responsible and complex day for the participants because they needed to not only originally present their idea, but also to defend their business-plan, answering to the tricky questions of their opponents. The best business ideas were presented by the students from Minsk School # 51
The motto of fair of the business projects is " the Style of century - to be good ". Organizers of “Stairs to Success " traditionally try to focus attention of the future businessmen to the solution of social problems. The best business - ideas will be placed in the collection of works of festival and on pages of the magazine “DELO” “Business” (West +East).

For the guests and participants of the fair it was interesting to view the exhibition the creative works of festival teams within the brand new fair competition "Economic Concepts Posters", and also visiting of lighting tournament " Economic Paradoxes". The best works will be published. It will be a very good methodical help for teachers who would be able to use these materials in their classrooms teaching Economics for future generation of Belarusian students

For the first time on festival the big economic project “The Economic Forum" has passed approbation. On " the Economic forum " (April, 8) the teams played a role of economic advisers of the various world countries and tried to improve a standard of living in their country through the international trade and negotiation process.

It is a very positive fact that the with each year the number of teachers and students wishing to try themselves in conditions close to real business conditions grows. Students get understanding of economic concepts in more depth that just in the class, they create team-building and leadership skills. All these features of the project Stair to Success give us hope that Belarusian economy will be better off if well prepared Belarusian businessmen motivated by their self-interest will run their businesses simultaneously increasing the standard of well-being of their country.

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Business Incubator Programmer:

1997-1999, organization and consulting of three youth training enterprises:
·    Youth Information Agency
·    Roollerskating
·    Young advertising Agency

The main of the programmer is to encourage Enterpreneurship in young people.
This programmer is the first step in developing Enterpreneurship which will lead to the establishment of small business in the future in Belarus.

Through running their own business young people will gain:
·    Increased confidence and self esteem
·    Effective work and social skills
·    An understanding of how a business operates
·    The ability to work with adults outside the home or school environment
·    The opportunity to demonstrate their potential to employers

Beginning Investor

February-April 1998, organization of the postal economic youth tuition with the help of business educational game “Beginning Investor" via the newspaper "Teenager ".

“Voices of youth in Mass Media for Healthy Life Style”

This project has started in Belarus under the UNICEF-Belarus Co-operation framework for 1998-1999. The overall aim of the project is to promote a healthy life style among young people and get them involved in the process itself.
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