01 June, 2005

Summer economic university for children

1 June the Summer economic university for children has started its work, organized by volunteers from NGO YESDC with partnership of the Palace of Youth and Children and Information-economic gymnasium ¹149. Children will have a possibility to learn economic concepts in an unusual way with the help of the game "Robinsons in Ecoland", computer economic fairy-tales and colorful posters, made by secondary students.
We are planning to:
- teach how to work with the game-complex "Robinson in Ecoland"
- organize contests for teams on the best entrepreneur
- organize virtual Internet-journey "History of goods and services"
- prepare the multimedia presentation "Back from world traveling"
- organize advertising campaign of goods and services

17-19 April, 2005

The twelfth republic festival of youth ideas in the sphere of economy and business understandings "Stairs to Success 2005", which was organized due to the initiative of the NGO "Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Centre" was held in Minsk, April, 17-19.
The aims of the festival: to give the chance for the youth to apply theoretical knowledge in the sphere of economy and business understandings in practice, in conditions, which are close to reality and also to popularize the civilized business, the values of market economy and private initiative.
20 teams (100 persons) which consisted of 5 persons took part in the economic festival "Stairs to Success 2005". This year the festival was aspired to be an international one, because not only students from Belarus but also from Estonia and Ukraine took part in it.
During the festival the participants had to show their skills of taking economically based decisions quickly in the role of managers of firms in the process of playing the business-game "Effective production". The surprise of the festival was the participation of foreign teachers in its work who was invited to Minsk by Belarussian State University and took part in the program NCEE. The teachers prepared questions for students and could compare the answers of Belarussian students with their ones. The Belarussian students coped with the task successfully.
The contest "Economic Conceptions" was very interesting for guests. It was a performance of the home task which was worked out in form of an amazing story with illustration.
The Committee of Education awarded the Diplomas to the winners, IFC prepared special prizes for the winners and the best advertising ideas were appreciated at their true value by representatives from such companies as "Malvina", "Aquatriple" and "Stilmark". The best works will be published in the collected works.

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21 - 23 April, 2004

The 11th Open Economic and Business Festival “Stairs to Success” was held in Minsk from 21 to 23 April. Methodological and expert support was provided by the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE USA), the International Finance Corporation and the Joint Project of the United Nations Development Program and the Belarusian Government "Assistance in Elaboration of the Basic Foundation for a National Poverty Reduction Strategy in Belarus" >>>

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Janet Salmons
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April 6-8, 2003

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in Minsk Palace of Youth The 10th open nationwide economic fair Stairs to Success took place. There were 26 teams, which represented 6 Belarusian regions.
The program of the economic fair included the realization of economic game “Origami”, Economic Auction, presentation of Economic Paradoxes and also representation of the youth business - projects at " Fair of youth ideas ". For the first time within the framework of the festival was held an approbation of the big business game " The Economic Forum ". On " the Economic Forum " the teams played a role of economic advisers of different countries. Economic advisers wanted to help their countries to improve national standards of living through the negotiating process and world trade

The teams from School #3 from Postavy, Polytechnic Gymnasium #6 from Minsk and School # 38 from Gomel that were among the best representing their countries on "The Economic Forum " received Diplomas issued by the Mission of United Nations in Belarus and prizes.

Winners of the fair "Stairs to Success’ 2003 " by results of five fair contents became teams of students from Minsk school# 32, Minsk Polytechnic Gymnasium #6 and from Minsk school # 99.

The best business-projects, economic paradoxes and economic essays created by the participants will be placed in the collection of works of the festival

In section projects you will find detailed information about the fair.

February 15, 2003
The methodical bulletin for economics teachers

The Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Center (YESDC) begins the new project - the edition of methodical journal for classroom teachers "Keep Up with Economics”. The purpose of the project is to assist promotion of economic literacy among Belarusian school students and to support achievements in teaching economics and entrepreneurship. The main goal of this project is methodical support for teachers through developments and publishing materials. The first volume of the journal "Keep Up With Economics” have been already published.
We invite teachers and interested organization for cooperation

January 15, 2003
Registration for “Stairs to Success”

The Center started the registration of the teams for participation in the !0th Open Nationwide Economic and Entrepreneurship Fair “Stairs to Success’2003” which is going to be held on April 6-8, 2003

January 4-5, 2003
Workshop of Economics Teachers

Teachers whose students are going to take part in the “Stairs to Success” are invited to take part in this workshop where the information about the fair, its contents and will be provided. There will also be training sessions and round-table for economics teachers, former participants of Training of Trainers and Training of Teachers workshops in this workshop.

APRIL, 19-21, 2002 Minsk, Belarus
The ninth open economic and entrepreneurship fair “Stairs to Success” joined 18 teams from different regions of Belarus.
Since UN announced the your 2002 International Year of Econtourism, this special sphere of business that promotes cultural and economic development was suggested to one of fair contest. Within the festival contest “Fair of Youth Initiatives” each team presented the business project concerned the idea of Ecotourism.
Besides business project presentations, the participants took part in different economic activities suggested by the organizers of the fair (Economic Auction, Economic Paradox, etc.) where participants demonstrated their economic knowledge. The main outcome of the fair is the unique experience and new knowledge obtained by the team member.









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