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«Already in Belarus there is an excellent example of, what can be called, “active business education” at the Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Centre , in Minsk. The young persons aged between 14 to 21 years who participate in this centre have much to contribute to their own educational environment as a result of their experiences there, playing business games and developing business ideas....”

Proceedings of the International Symposium
Business Education and Training for Transition
to a Market Economy in Belarus


YESDC PRESENTATION (short version 2.9 mb)

Our organization YESDC (Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Center) was started in 1996, Minsk, Belarus. One of our main goals is promotion of economic education and civilized entrepreneurship and development of youth initiative.

We are sure that it is important to provide young people with exciting and imaginative practical experience that is near to real situations, enabling them to develop their personal skills, creative thinking, knowledge and understanding of business objectives and the wealth creation process. This process will help young people to adapt in real world of market economy.

We would like to develop enterprise initiative, practical mind, independence of young entrepreneur at the age of 15-22 in situation of conduct of the real business. Method “LEARNING BY DOING” is a way of solving a problem of unemployment and is directed on the promotion of a civilized entrepreneurship.

Main Goals

·     facilitation in the development of education and in state oriented market principles of operation of economics;
·    promotion of economic education and civilized entrepreneurship and development of youth initiative;
·    help in solving of the social problems;
·    help in solving youth employment problems.

Guidelines of activity

·    organization of seminars, conferences, trainings and forums;
·    publication of the methodical materials;
·    organization of consultings and methodical help to the teachers of economics;
·    realization of the regional economic competitions for youth;
·    assistance in creation youth business clubs;
·    international exchanges;
·    get in touch with home and foreign organizations dealing with youth problems;

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